Biel/Bienne and region

Products from the region

Biel and the Seeland region offer a rich array of local and regional products. Whether it is delicious culinary specialities or produce from the area, luxury items such as watches and jewellery, or clothes and accessories which are created in the many workshops. Discover shops and boutiques with a variety of articles from the region.

Ring, old town Biel

Delicacies and culinary specialties

Shopping | Hand-produced ecological coffee beans from the roasting house in Biel, carefully roasted over the wood fire.

Shopping | Be carried away by the varied range on the premises.

Shopping | The beer shop with a wide range of beers and spirits and its own brewery.

Shopping | The beer specialist in the Biel old town, with over 130 different types of beer from more than 25 breweries.

Shopping | Enjoy a pleasant time in the ambience of Gurzelen, and try their fresh products, including brunch, coffee and meals.

Shopping | Atelier Verdan in the heart of Biel.

Shopping | Located in the heart of the town of Biel, Confiserie Progin creates delicious sweet and salted specialities.

Shopping | The wine culture cooperative since 1918.

Shopping | Organic sourdough bread on a subscription basis delivered by bicycle in Biel and the surrounding area.

Shopping | The specialist shop for cheese, regional specialities, wines and spirits.

Atelier Verdan in the heart of Biel.

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Atelier Verdan

Watches and jewellery from Biel

Shopping | Upscale watches from a workshop that produces its own creations.

Shopping | Jewellery workshop for customised jewellery, wedding rings and repairs.

Shopping | Pierre Junod embodies imagination, creativity and Swiss expertise. Quartz watches and scratchproof sapphire crystal, 100% Swiss made.

Shopping | For 20 years the place for exceptional jewellery in Biel/Bienne.

Shopping | The legendary OMEGA universe is waiting to be discovered by you.

Shopping |


The creative studio for decorative objects made of paper.

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Decoeco. Atelier créatif.

Located in the heart of the town of Biel, Confiserie Progin creates delicious sweet and salted specialities.

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Confiserie Progin


Shopping tour

There are many other boutiques to discover. You will find a full listing of the shops here.

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Nidaugasse, Biel/Bienne