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Jeremy Mage & the Magi (BNC)


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    • Atomic Café, 5, Place de la Gare, 2502 Bienne

Atomic Friday

mantra pop weaves cabaret

Jeremy Mage & the Magi features Daniel Spahni's drums, Cyprien Rochat's guitar, and Mage on analog synthesizers and

lead vocals.

Their mantra pop weaves cabaret friendship stories, psychedelic wisdom poetry, and organic polyrhythmic grooves.

They've released singles throughout 2021. Songs about fatherhood ("Oh Yeah"), mental health ("Here's to the Broken"), diversity ("Endless Watercolors"), climate justice ("Fellow Travelers"), and a plant love affair.

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Horaires d'ouverture

Horaires d'ouverture
  • Le 2 déc. 2022

  • Vendredi

    • 21:00



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Liens et PDFs


    • Atomic Café 5, Place de la Gare 2502 Bienne
Jeremy Mage & the Magi (BNC)
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