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Festikultur: celebrating diversity and strengthening intercultural ties

Festikultur is much more than just a multicultural festival: it is a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity that reaches beyond geographic and linguistic boundaries to unite communities around the world. Based on the values ​​of integration, equality and the fight against xenophobia, this annual event stands as a symbol of social cohesion and mutual respect, offering everyone the opportunity to express their culture while discovering and learning. appreciating that of others.

The very essence of Festikultur lies in its ability to create an exceptional platform for exchange and sharing, where music, dance, crafts, fashion, song, traditions and gastronomy mingle in a whirlwind of emotions and colors. By bringing together more than 56,000 inhabitants from diverse backgrounds, Bienne becomes the crossroads of cultures, giving way to a true melting pot of traditions and stories.

On the initiative of the Charity Kultur association, the Festikultur benefits from the invaluable support of the city of Bienne, the canton of Bern, the partnership of the AIDS Hilfe Bern foundation, numerous local media such as Telebilingue, Journal du Jura, Diaspo TV Switzerland, RadioJC66, Arcinfo, bienne2go.ch, culturoscope.ch as well as technical advice from companies such as Electro-Gutyahr AG, Jacot Des Combes AG, Eclipse AG. This exemplary collaboration demonstrates the common commitment to diversity, cohesion and equality.

Thanks to a dedicated committee of event professionals and passionate young students, Festikultur shines year after year, offering everyone the opportunity to come together in a spirit of openness and tolerance. By breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers, this multicultural festival embodies the hope of a world where respect and esteem for others take precedence over prejudice and discrimination.

Ultimately, Festikultur transcends physical and symbolic boundaries to celebrate unity in diversity, ushering in a new era of positive and enriching cross-cultural interactions. Through its ability to unite people around the same passion for culture, it embodies the spirit of a vibrant and united community, ready to face tomorrow's challenges together.

Festikultur is a meaningful celebration, a vibrant call for unity and tolerance.
The third edition of Festikultur, from Thursday August 15 to Sunday August 18, 2024, at the Place de l'esplanade de Bienne, will be structured around 4 days rich in culture:

Thursday will host the official opening ceremony of the festival at 6 p.m.
We will have the honor of welcoming among us the authorities of the city of Bienne, the prefecture, diplomatic officials and entrepreneurs.

A special guest today is:
LINDA, a young 17-year-old Franco-Swiss artist, singer-songwriter,
Semi-finalist of SwissVoice 2024 Tour.
Semi-finalist of SwissVoice 2023 Tour.
Star Revelation semi-finalist, Cannes 2023.
An inspiring voice which in its songs tells us with authenticity the suffering and the after-effects left by school bullying, as well as the difficulties of living in a society which little accepts difference and hypersensitivity.

Highlights of this exceptional event include the Opening Ceremony on Thursday August 8 at 6 p.m., a large show stage hosting concerts and dance performances. A space dedicated to games and activities for children, stands to rent for associations and communities wishing to share their cultures and exotic products, a competition for the most beautiful stand with a prize. Urban music concerts are planned for Friday and mixed concerts on Saturday.
Fundraisers are planned to support the Festikultur, and on Saturday a contribution of 10 francs will be requested at the entrance.

This edition promises to be a moment of sharing, wonder and solidarity, where cultural boundaries fade to make way for diversity and mutual understanding. Friday and Saturday will be punctuated by captivating concerts and lively dances, while Sunday will offer families the opportunity to discover the different stands and enjoy this unique experience together.
More than a dozen talented artists, more than 30 passionate exhibitors and more than 3,000 visitors eager for discovery are expected to share their love of diversity, inclusion and mutual understanding. A football tournament is also organized as a prelude and official launch of activities on July 13, 2024 where we are expecting 16 teams of different nationalities.
By participating in Festikultur, you contribute to building a more inclusive world, where difference is celebrated and where every voice, every culture finds its place. Join us to experience an unforgettable human and artistic adventure in the heart of Bienne, a city of meetings and sharing, where diversity is a source of enrichment and pride.

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Opening hours
  • From 15 Aug 2024 to 18 Aug 2024

  • Thursday - Sunday

    • 18:00 - 21:00



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