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    • La Voirie, Brunngasse 1 / Rue des Fontaines 1, 2502 Biel/Bienne

Teresa Hackel (recorders), Ángeles Rojas (shruti box, filter elements) and Lucien Danzeisen (strings_keyboards, electronics and toys) will musically combine their duos in several concerts.

While the duo of Teresa Hackel and Lucien Danzeisen is cliffy-noisy and virtuosically heterogeneous, Ángeles Rojas and Lucien Danzeisen are looking for pitch floats, sound bands and harmonies that resemble different tuning systems. The musicians move between free, experimental improvisation and conceptual composition. The three musicians with independent profiles meet here in the adventure of real-time music and take us on a musical journey.

What is free improvisation or real-time composition? Constantly listening, reflecting and playing accordingly: Reflecting on what the other person is playing, your own part, and the interplay...
This results, for example, in playing styles that refer to specific aspects of the other person's sound, but which contrast gesturally in order to create motivic corners.

Two of the three musicians play at a time, and the (free) alternation between the duos is artistically composed in real time.

Sebastian Rotzler - double bass player, improviser and sound engineer - will play the first set. His work focuses on experimental sound works that question listening habits and explore spaces. His music is carried by associations, sound patterns and fragments, but can also break out into wild, yet always specifically designed passages. Despite his joy of experimentation, his playing is also committed to compositional design. In addition to his own concert activities, he has already initiated and organized several concert series and art projects.

Opening hours

Opening hours
  • The 14 Jun 2024

  • Friday

    • 19:30 - 22:00




    • La Voirie Brunngasse 1 / Rue des Fontaines 1 2502 Biel/Bienne