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Ear We Are

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Ear We Are
Ear We Are. © Stefan Hofmann
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    • Alte Juragarage, Adam-Göuffi-Strasse 18, 2502 Biel/Bienne

Welcome to the 13th edition of the Ear We Are. 2023 again, as usual, in the odd year - after the twelfth edition had to be postponed to 2022. So there is only one year between the last three days in the Jurassic Garage and the coming ones. A year in which many things are back the way they were, and some things remain the way they never should have been. Of course the question arises, why nevertheless insist on improvised, experimental music. Precisely because the world is the way it is. By challenging our listening habits together, we can break down comfort, questionlessness and all too common consumerist attitudes. It is and remains important to listen, to be attentive to nuances, the uncertain, the subtle and the resistant.

And to let this attentiveness take hold, to think and listen aloud, to experience the energy that sparkles from a common encounter. This is exactly what this year's festival programme is about, which curves through contrasts with top-class international artists and arranges the most diverse musical approaches: Looking into the world with open ears and exploring new paths.

Thursday 02.02.2023 20:30
Jean-Philipppe Gross (FR)
Maggie Nicols & Joëlle Léandre (UK/FR)
Krči & Lê Quan Ninh (FR/SLO)

Friday 03.02.2023 20:30
Milesdavisquintet! (FR)
The Lappetites (DE-FI/UK)
Artifacts (USA)
Billy Woods (USA)

Saturday 04.02.2023 16:00
Pascal Niggenkemper (DE-FR)
Steve Beresford (UK)

Saturday 04.02.2023 21:00
Arditti Quartet (UK)
Steve Beresford, Faradena Afifi, Khabat Abas & Beibei Wang (UK/UK-IQ/UK-CN)
Deerhoof (USA)

Opening hours

Opening hours
  • From 2 Feb 2023 to 4 Feb 2023

  • Thursday - Friday

    • 20:30
  • Saturday

    • 16:00
    • 21:00



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